session 1

  • Introductions (detailed)
  • Review syllabus
  • Wiki stuff
  • Discuss leadership (contextual)
  • Discuss “Brand You” (FastCo – 1997)
  • Capture all social media networks (again) on the wiki
  • Discuss influence measurement (start with Google circa 1999)
  • Capture baseline Klout/Kred/Sumall (pick 2 – get screen caps)
  • Begin setting personal goals for the quarter – measurable / achievable

Next week

  • Bring draft plan – S/T/P (situation/target/proposal) format – we will work on these together
  • Reading – see 2014 at a glance
  • Minute paper will be here, password protected – see Wiki for password

Post class notes

Following up on our brief discussion of weak ties, stemming from the news about Maker being acquired by Disney (and hiring):

Viral content.

My promised note about the Facebook video that languished.


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