session 2

  • Any syllabus questions?
    • Wiki updates
    • What’s it like, thinking about posting daily?
    • Which tools did you use and what was your experience like?
  • Last week: security followup & a word about WordPress user accounts (fill out your name/pick something other than your login to sign posts)
  • Reading discussion

    Next week

    • Reading – see 2014 at a glance
    • Minute paper will be here, password protected – see Wiki for password
    • We’ll talk about group projects


2 thoughts on “session 2

  1. What does engagement mean to you? Pairs:

    — social engagement > physical (f2f) conversation – share ideas / things in common (digital or f2f)

    — real time f2f and real time digital have similarities

    — engagement = actions/interactions

    — engagement — curate a persona that people want to follow. think LinkedIn. To be “thought leader” — what you’re known for

    — sharing things that you’re passionate about

    — connecting with weak ties

    — adding value

    — building relationships

    — measurement can be a bear

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