session 3

  • Social in the news
  • Syllabus check in
    • Wiki updates
    • Pair/share: what’s one thing you’ve done differently in the last 7 days re your personal use of social media | how did/does it relate to your STP for the class? (remember / take notes each week so you can write a thorough report)

  • Last week followup: reminder about WordPress user accounts (fill out your name/pick something other than your login to sign posts – please do this now)
  • Reading discussion / lecture
  • Tool: Little Bird | Marshall on building your personal brand (recommend you read this) | Solveig on using LB
  • Group projects discussion
    • 2BarSpirits – Twitter/Foursquare – boost engagement w/limited time
    • ClarionWest – competitive analysis (what channels are similar organizations using and how do we stack up – recommendations)
    • Mosby Farms – plan/competitive analysis with focus on time-management – I think an evaluation of the different platforms with a recommendation for a channel (or two) would be useful
    • Charles Sheldon, published author; “The Spear Thrower” is entered in Amazon Breakthrough contest – has a blog but needs to understand how to have a content platform (hub-spoke) that feeds social and where/what he should share
    • Jointly create one piece of content that team members will promote, such as podcast/video/white paper/etc

Next week:

  • Our first case study: United Breaks Guitars



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