session 5 (mid-point)

Agenda : characteristics of effective leaders

  • Social in the news
  • Guest speaker : Kevin Urie
  • Individual project task
  • Discussion – group dynamics
  • Group project task
  • Wrap up / minute papers discussion (time permitting)

Social in the news

  • Twitter profile updates?

Guest speaker: Kevin Urie

(@KevinUrie | LinkedIn | Facebook)

Individual projects

  • Mid-term report due April 30 at 6:00 pm > please use Catalyst Collect It (demo – how to from UW).
  • NOW > In pairs, discuss challenges and help one another with mid-course corrections if needed
  • Example > My challenge is figuring out how to consistently work LinkedIn into my environmental scanning. Posting to LI is easy with Bufferly but getting me to Go There? Not happening – so I’m not having interactions there. Or really getting more familiar with the space. Is anyone here using LI Pulse?

Discussion: leadership/characteristics

Revisit our earlier discussion re personality and MBTI (or similar instruments). If you have your MBTI profile (this is a pretty darn good free one), please tell Solveig which quadrant you are in, based on these groupings:

Classical / social styles

  1. Analytical : ISTJ / ISFJ / ISTP / ISFP
  2. Driver : INFJ / INFP / INTJ / INTP
  3. Amiable: ESTJ / ESFJ / ESTP / ESFP
  4. Expressive : ENFP / ENFJ / ENTP / ENTJ


Social Media Explorer (Hirsh and Kummerow)

  1. Thoughtful Realist: (IS)
  2. Action-oriented Realist: (ES)
  3. Thoughtful Innovator : (IN)
  4. Action-oriented Innovator : (EN)



Group projects task

See Wiki for groups and details

Begin working on your GOST for your project, including role identification for team members.

  • Decide if the two larger groups are going to be one or two teams.
  • Designate who will be the contact with me and our clients.
  • Identify “competing” / “peer” organizations for benchmarking, brainstorming ideas : who is doing what well/poorly (emulate/avoid)
  • High level assessment of social media networks – begin prioritization
  • Remember that a key goal is time management – how do “do social” with limited time/budget
  • Note taker posts notes to the class wiki within 24 hours.


Wrap-up / Minute papers

Coming up:



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