session 6

Agenda : developing your social media marketing plan

  • Social in the news
  • Guest speaker
  • Lecture
  • Group project task
  • Wrap up / minute papers discussion (time permitting)


Tonight’s notes
Case study #2: Ford (skipped – we talked about Ford with Kevin)
Guest speaker: Jenni Hogan (@JenniHogan | LinkedIn | Facebook (page) | website )
Robb’s audio of Jenni’s talk is included as a link on his minute paper post.

Group project
Mid-quarter updates on personal project (Mid-term report due April 30 at 6:00 pm > please use Catalyst Collect It (how to from UW).

Read before class:

Next week

What makes a successful online community?
Guest speaker: Marshall Kirkpatrick (@marshallk) | LinkedIn | Facebook | website)
Read before class:


One thought on “session 6

  1. Andea and Becky
    Follow and retweets for Twitter:, for social capital and community connection

    Who’s Blogging What

    Pulse The news and insights you need to know.

    HBR (Harvard Business Review)

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