session 8 – Group Projects & Case Study


  • Housekeeping
  • Lecture/discussion
  • Group project work time


(1) Next week: it will make the final session less rushed if at least half of you sign up to make your personal project presentations next week, week 9. I’ll even throw in extra-credit points if you need an enticement! How would you like to signup? On the wiki?

(2) From last week’s minute post prompt:

A reminder to continue to check the boxes on the wiki as you complete your Class Participation and Social Media Scorecards (4 grids in total) as well as Attendance. Also please complete your social media profile links, including Google+ and your WordPress Avatar.

You do not need to have a WordPress blog in order to have an Avatar. The avatar link should be in the form: and should be filled out completely, including a picture. Ann Cook has a great example: This is NOT the same as your WordPress blog link.


[tweet 464409236630691840 hide_media=’false’]

Example: Slideshare

Example: Scribd

Individual project

  • See assignments page

Group project work time

  • Solveig and I are on call.

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