Week 3 – 9 July

Agenda : what is social media engagement?

  • Minute paper
  • Social in the news
  • Lecture/reading discussion
  • Individual project task
  • Wrap up / minute papers discussion (time permitting)

Minute paper – week 2

  • Mailing list set up – did everyone get that email?
  • Reminder! security alert: edit your profile and make sure you aren’t signing your posts with your username!
  • Please complete by Saturday

Social in the news



  • Now that we are in week 3, what’s it like, posting daily? With a holiday?!?
  • My LI report
  • Pair/share: what’s one thing you’ve done differently in the last 7 days re your personal use of social media | how did/does it relate to your STP/GOST for the class? (remember / take notes each week so you can write a thorough report)
  • Who are the peers (competitors) you want to emulate? Why? What are they doing that would help you meet your goals? How do you find them?!? (The peers/competitors, not the goals!) – Slides 11/12 in PPT

Lecture, cont’d (ppt on dropbox)

Group projects – preliminary discussion

  • Jointly create one piece of content that team members will promote, such as podcast/video/white paper/etc
  • Global Visionaries (doc on Dropbox)
  • Washington Women in Need (doc on Dropbox)
  • Campfire Girls
  • RedBox
  • Fiction author
  • Home remodeling business





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