Week 4 – 16 July


  • Social in the news
  • Blog/wiki/minute papers
  • Lecture/reading discussion
  • Case study
  • Group projects
  • Individual projects

Class Notes

Social in the news

Blog/wiki/minute papers/Catalyst dropbox

  • What can Kat and I do to alleviate any possible confusion?
  • Draft personal project feedback
    > I have nine (9) documents. Everyone should have rec’d an email from me except Tori, because UW says billiv@uw.edu is not a valid email.
    > I have asked three (3) students if I can share their documents with you. If they say “yes” we will put the docs on the wiki.


Lecture/reading discussion

  • Leadership and creativity (ppt)
  • Change management and managing for change


Case study : United breaks guitars

  • AKA crisis communication. There’s a book!
  • CSB news story (2009)
  • Stock price effect (wikipedia)
  • Another resource (OECD)
  • What is the role of the social media manager (circle of roles) — and who else should be involved in (a) planning and (b) responding?
  • Other infamous examples?
  • Questions:
    • Why do you think the first video went viral? (And what do we mean by that?)
    • What options did United have along the way? After the video made the news?
    • How might United have anticipated something like this happening? What other types of crisis comm affect airlines?

Group projects

  • Pair/share: what are the top three criteria you will use to rank desired group projects?
    MAKE A COMMENT on this post with your criteria – it’s ok if the total is six, you don’t have to reach consensus! Be sure to list both names.
  • Review the proposals – let class members ask questions – sign up on wiki as work groups with client identified

Here are the proposals:


Individual projects

  • Discuss > what criteria do you need to use to identify “competitive” (i.e., similar) accounts?
    MAKE A COMMENT on this post summarizing the criteria/process used to find

This week’s minute paper – we will riff off of slide 8 for personal and group projects. AND we’ll talk about competitive accounts.

project matrix


Resources – other


13 thoughts on “Week 4 – 16 July

  1. Justin Kaiser says:

    Something to add for “Social in the news” section… Weird Al Yankovic is relaunching his career — pretty successfully I might add — by releasing a new music video every day thus far this week on social media. And every video has been enormously popular. Album drops soon…

  2. Yoshiko

    1. Learn something new – a new skill or a new area
    2. Fun and not boring, potentially Vine
    3. Something that is meaningful and could potentially be produced


    1. Also fun
    2. Learn something new
    3. Soup to nuts – conceptualize, implement and assess

  3. We are excited about:
    Having a real client with a social media need and being able to provide a solution.
    Applying what we’ve learned throughout the program.
    Developing creative and attainable solutions.

    When this project is finished it will:
    Be considered for actual deployment.
    Potentially impact the client’s engagement in a positive way.
    Educate our client about impactful ways to use social media.
    Look good in our portfolios!

    When this project is finished, we will:
    Have experience balancing real-world constraints and delivering strategic solutions.
    Have impressed the hell out of our clients.
    Have earned a recommendation from our client.
    Have a beer together (a huge stretch for Karen and an exclamation point Emily).

  4. Justin Kaiser says:

    Justin – I would like to achieve one of two things with this group project:
    1) I either want to work with a client on a project that I have previous experience with, and I can teach…
    2) Or I want to work with a client on a project that I have little experience with that I can learn

    Aryn – I want to focus on a company that I feel does a great job at producing content across multiple social channels. I want to take away inspiration from the company that my group project focuses on, as well as learn valuable lessons. For me, the content is more important rather then the channel.

    Ultimately, we both want a happy client with results that they can leverage and learn from.

  5. Our team consists of Julie, Ed, Torie and Andea

    Julie/Andea/ Torrie/Ed

    • Is the company a good fit for social media?
    • Is the company open to utilizing social media as part of their marketing plan?
    • How are they currently using it and what specific goals and strategies should be implemented?
    • Being able to help promote their business through social media

    What we hope to accomplish
    • Formalize and deliver a social media plan to achieve company goals.
    • Learn about the company’s industry and their competitors
    • Gain real world experience on auditing an organization with social media needs
    • Conduct metrics and analysis to compare to competitors in the industry and make recommendations

  6. Nicole says:

    1) Becoming comfortable in social spaces
    2) Being able to apply what we learned in class to a real world situation
    3) Seeing if we can make a difference

    1) Applying the skills that we learned through this class and past classes in a situation other than my current job
    2) Like Kit, i also want to see if we can make a difference with the skills we have obtained
    3) Sharing ideas among our group to increase my own creativity

  7. Holy cow people are writing more than we discussed! Justin and I boiled it down to what we were most interested in was creating a piece of original content, and track how it is shared via social media. We want to identify specific elements that are required for successful OC, the set-up of the creative environment (research phase), and tracking the reach.

    What we hope to accomplish is to create a slide show with audio on a current event topic in a niche market, and then track how it is shared on social media especially on on the different networks of those involved in the project.

  8. Some questions I’ll be asking and researching to identify my client’s “competitors”?

    Who is taking the desired audience’s time, attention, money engagement?
    In what social platforms do they perform well and how?
    What real world efforts are in place to make them successful “socially?”
    What are their social reviews? Who else shows up in the search?

    As I answer the questions, I will need to analyze what specific efforts are in place for successful competitors that can be emulated.

  9. Justin D. says:

    Criteria Used to Identify “Competitors:”
    Identify hashtags and keywords used by experts in the space.
    Sort competitors in the space into High, Medium and Low effectiveness categories. Examples: Quality of page design, Online charisma, Responsiveness, Popularity (Retweets), Timeliness, etc.

  10. I am going to be working in a group with Becky and Upasana. We are still working on what our project should focus on, but I definitely want to focus on a company that is engaged with its customers. I want to focus on a company that is able to hold conversations, create content, and make an impact across multiple social media channels. Focusing on great content is something that I want to cover in our group project. What we want to accomplish and our criteria are still a work in progress..

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