Week 5 – Community


Housekeeping/minute papers

Social in the news

  • Your picks from the past week

Group projects! Signup!

  • Hopefully y’all talked to one another offline over the past seven (7) days and have decided on groups, at a minimum. There are three groups listed on the wiki – two are “full” (four members) for a total of 10 students.
  • Signup, please


Reading discussion

FORD – another resource with a great lede that looks at specific channels

1st things first
Where is your audience?
Q to address tonight in your groups
CASE STUDY FORMAT looks suspiciously like what?
2nd point here here – well written, clear desired outcomes – but remember it needs to be more than a number – the number is a proxy for something.
More on failure
Returning to #1
How does your audience use mobile?
How do you find out?
And what disruptive forces are being helped along by tech?
– Ford disrupted news cycle
– FritoLay / Doritos disrupted advertising
– other examples?
Poke around social.ford.com
Impressions/take aways re community/practices?
Small group work – four “teams”

Team A & B
Compare/contrast Ford sm efforts with GM / BMW / Honda
Compare/contrast Ford sm efforts with Chrysler /  VW / Lexus

Team C
Examine FritoLay , GM et al crowdsourced SuperBowl ads (2007). How might an effort like this one have influenced Ford? What are risks inherent in these types of campaigns? Think about big ticket versus pocket change product costs.


Team D
RE Q about Ford marketing strategy – first sentence of the response. In your experience and/or opinion, discuss reputation as a Comm/mkting goal. How to measure/assess? Difficult to do in pressure of increased sales? What about our discussion last week RE Comm v corporate behavior? Advice for how GM might have done things differently?
Final take away: what are key lessons on Social and Community that we can learn from Ford?

Group project work

  • Break into your groups.
  • Begin working on your STP/GOST for your project, including role identification for team members.
  • Designate who will be the contact with me and our clients.
  • Identify “competing” / “peer” organizations for benchmarking, brainstorming ideas : who is doing what well/poorly (emulate/avoid)
  • High level assessment of social media networks – begin prioritization
  • Remember that a key goal is time management – how do “do social” with limited time/budget
  • Note taker posts notes to the class wiki within 24 hours – Kat will set up a wiki page for each group and link it to the top-level group page. Remember, Wiki = private-to-this-class!


Coming up:









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