Week 6 – Community and Content


  • Housekeeping/minute paper summary
  • Guest speaker: Jenni Hogan
  • Social in the news
  • Reading discussion (short)
  • Small group work / personal and group projects

Housekeeping/minute paper summary

Reminder: please our #UWSMC hashtag to share content relevant to the class (not all of your class tweets)

Last week’s audio file (dropbox > click the link and then download)

  • Twitter: how to find more relevant content to share (we’ll work on this tonight)
  • Twitter: how to find more relevant and influential people to follow (next week)
  • Twitter: What is the best way to flip back and forth between original content and posting and giving credit to content of others? (next week)
  • Twitter: how often to tweet? (Group discussion week 7 or 8)
  • Twitter: What is the industry standard though for incorporating images (and video0 when tweeting about someone else’s content? Is there a recommended practice? Is there a streamlined process? (Kathy > I’ll share info on how FB and Twitter picks the image to share)
  • Twitter, psychology:  What makes someone decide to follow or favorite? What makes them un-follow you? As the owner of a brand, how do you live up to the expectations of your audience? (Group discussion next week)
  • Twitter, fan accounts: what it means to be a fan account, are there different rules, more rules less rules (Want to give a 5-minute report on this Week 9?)
  • Twitter/Blogs/FB/etc: what is a good way to come up with content ideas? (group discussion week 7 or 8)
  • Twitter: it would be great to workshop a crisis. Let’s choose an incident and practice responding. If someone was trolling you on twitter, what would you do? If this hasn’t happen to you it will. Let’s say an unflattering news report goes out and you have to respond on facebook, twitter, etc. I thought that was a great idea (thanks, whoever mentioned it.) (let’s do this week 8 – shall we make up a crisis or use one that has really happened?)
  • Blogs: ins and outs, tricks and tweets, networkings and undertakings of who in the greater Seattle area has built a sizeable blog following (Shall I try to get a guest speaker week 8 to address this?)
  • Reddit: how Reddit works (there’s now a helpful Reddit 101)
  • Group projects: I would love to have more group work time in the coming weeks, even if it’s 30 minutes. (Kathy – this is the goal – there will be more time than this week 9)
  • PR: how do we get PR opportunities via social media. How do we make ourselves /company look so good that journalists/ reporters reach out to us for stories (Kathy – talk about HARO)


Guest speaker: Jenni Hogan

@JenniHogan | LinkedIn | Facebook (page) | website

Social in the news

Reading discussion (short)

  • The power of weak ties

Small group work / personal and group projects

Pair/share (twosies, please)

Where/how to find good content to share? Be specific!
MAKE A COMMENT on our resources page with at least 10 resources, annotated.  At least five should be “original” (i.e., not already listed on the page – I’ll add any annotations to the current list).

Pair/share, practice

What hashtags “work” for your niche/brand? How did/do you find them? Be prepared to share oral reports and please summarize your pair’s discussion as a comment. (If you’ve not served as “secretary” yet, please step up to that plate.)

Personal project

Upload a status report to UW Catalyst by 11:30 pm Saturday – what you’ve done, what’s working, what you’re going to change (if anything), one or two observations/learnings.

See Karen’s comment on week 5 minute paper – this doesn’t have to be in-depth, but it needs to show thought. This is also a step that helps prepare you for giving your presentation in either week 9 or 10.

Group project

Work time


Pair/work, skills practice: Kathy will share info about a business that needs help with its digital presence. Examine its Facebook/Twitter/Yelp accounts — then compare with a couple competitor properties. What conclusions/recommendations can you draw? Be prepared to share oral reports.



2 thoughts on “Week 6 – Community and Content

  1. Justin D. says:

    http://visual.ly/ — An incredibly huge library of searchable infographics… Also a tool to create your own infographics.

    http://bgr.com/ — Everything tech… and especially mobile.

    http://www.fiercewireless.com/ — Another great resource for the wireless sector

    http://factfinder2.census.gov/faces/nav/jsf/pages/index.xhtml — Search tool for US Census data

    http://www.wikipedia.org/ — Because, duh!

    http://lifehacker.com — Practical stuff we all should know and share!

    http://www.upworthy.com — Current news making rounds

    http://www.howstuffworks.com — Learn how EVERYTHING works… and share it!

    http://www.nationalgeographic.com — Amazing stuff in our world. Prime for sharing!

    http://www.snopes.com — Because not everything you see on the internet is true.

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