week 7 – characteristics of effective leaders


  • Housekeeping/minute papers
  • Social in the news
  • Reading discussion (short)
  • Small group work / personal and group projects

Housekeeping/minute paper summary


Social in the news


Reddit report (Megan)

Reading discussion (short)

[R]esearchers found a negative correlation between creativity and leadership potential. The employees were assuming that those with more creative ideas were less prepared to be leaders.

Reflect for a moment on a recent project you’ve been involved with. It doesn’t have to be work-related! What are some of the things that team members did to make it a successful/fun/challenging/horrific experience?

Take a few minutes to write about the experience. (By hand preferred – triggers different parts of the brain than a keyboard.)

Now. Here’s how creativity and curiosity are related:

Creativity is “a force in each of us that begins with a yearning to answer an unanswered (or ill-answered) question by imagining more than one correct answer.

What does it mean to you (for you or for others) to think/act/lead creatively? What characteristics do you look for in leaders?


Small group work / personal and group projects

  • Twitter: What is the best way to flip back and forth between original content and posting and giving credit to content of others? How to find more relevant and influential people to follow (this week)

Personal project

  • Check email for feedback Thursday (color me election-related brain dead)

Group project

Work time


Next week

Twitter: it would be great to workshop a crisis. Let’s choose an incident and practice responding.



One thought on “week 7 – characteristics of effective leaders

  1. M – importance of listening – “it’s about your creativity and ability to influence without direct report power”

    K – brave, willing to fail, step out of comfort zone, willing to not know all answers, ethics. Create an open environment (safe). Trust in others. Inspirational. Encourage team to have confidence in self. Cheerleader. Creating the environment/atmosphere.

    B – antithesis is when the leader has an agenda (unspoken). Exuding confidence in the team. Brain needs safe environment to be creative.

    A – Negative motivation / competitiveness — different mgmt styles — what gets accomplished is a function of openness to new ideas. People can be allergic to the word “change.”

    There needs to be a match between an individual’s needs, team’s needs and the leader’s.

    Stories about Gates, Jobs – stories where culture seems caustic.

    Boeing – “no” to retiring at 65 “and employees would still be cowering in place”

    Leading a creative company v being a creative leader.

    For social media campaigns:
    — listening
    — fearless/brave
    — track record / facts and data
    — your own demonstrated competency
    — risk taking
    — enthusiasm
    — clear communication / focus

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