Week 8: blogging & crisis case study


  • Housekeeping/minute papers
  • Social in the news
  • Guest speaker – Karen Anderson
  • Case study
  • Small group work / personal and group projects

Housekeeping/minute paper summary

An apology: drama at my household (two new iPhones in 3 days!) led to my spacing on the minute paper for this week. For anyone who has missed one and would like a “make up” — see this prompt.

Personal projects:

  • Kat is handing out paper feedback
  • If you don’t get a copy, I didn’t see your paper. If you emailed it without the #uwsmc hashtag, or if it went only to my UW account, I didn’t see it. Please resend to gmail w/subject line marker and I’ll reply Thursday.

A different sort of prompt:

A reminder to continue to check the boxes on the wiki as you complete your Class Participation and Social Media Scorecards as well as Attendance. Also, if you have not done so, please complete your social media profile links, including Google+ and your WordPress Avatar.

You do not need to have a WordPress blog in order to have an Avatar. The avatar link should be in the form: http://en.gravatar.com/YOURNAME and should be filled out completely, including a picture. Ann Cook has a great example:  https://en.gravatar.com/anncook2014. This is NOT the same as your WordPress blog link.

Some additional housekeeping:

  1. Individual presentations are no more than 7 slides and 5 minutes (8 minutes including Q&A). Please upload your slides to Catalyst or the wiki before class!
  2. Group presentations are no more than 15 minutes, no slide limit.
  3. Both group and individual projects also require a report document in addition to the PPT. Upload these to Catalyst by August 29, 2014. Requirements and instructions for submitting your reports are on the assignments page of this blog.

In the news

Guest speaker


Here is how Safari reveals shares:

showing shares on WP blog




Example: Slideshare
Example: Scribd

One thought on “Week 8: blogging & crisis case study

  1. Notes for Crisis comm workshopping

    group 1: First acknowledge pain, then hit the numbers
    group 2: Use legitimate arguments about causes
    (Kathy) neither so far had appealed to higher authority; PP’s campaign was well planned, evidenced by high-level supporters (like senators) to talk to your points
    group 3: anything coming from the company in crisis should come directly from CEO. There should already be certain types of crisis comm prepared.
    (Kathy) within Komen, we had some sort of ball drop between C-suite and Comm. We as comm pros need to ALWAYS think of what ramifications of major decisions can be.
    group 4: do a lot of listening, and take the time to put together thoughtful responses, based on a prepared script of crisis types.Reach out to their own cultivated authorities and people with clout to let them help with telling the ‘other side of the story.’
    (Kathy) find the influencers already in the topic area to help carry the water.

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