Gleaned from your #uwsmc tweets and our in-class workshop.

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7 thoughts on “Resources

  1. (Yoshiko & Megan)
    (Yoshiko) Speaking on twitter, searching by topic or subject, or hashtags, and finding the people who consistently share information that is valuable to me, and to the brand i’m trying to build. No specific tool other than hootsuite or twitter used.

    (Megan) i’ve started browsing the hootsuite suggested tweets beta – I put in the key words that i’m looking for, I open ALL the links that seem interesting based on the key words hootsuite suggested, and read the content. If it is interesting, i’ll tweet about that content. I also follow specific blogs like Geekologie, Fashionably Geek, and check the front page of reddit close to 30 times a day. (Sadly that’s probably not an exaggeration)

  2. Kit and I also say…
    – #UWSMC
    – Sprout blog
    – Metia blog
    – Sprinklr blog
    – Twitter chats
    :: #CmgrChat :: Community Manager twitterchat
    :: #SMOchat :: Social Media Optimization twitterchat
    :: #smbiz :: small business social media twitterchat
    :: #smmanners :: relationship building on social media twitterchat
    :: #smmeasure :: social media & analytics twitterchat
    :: #SocialMedia :: ehhhhhhhhhhh, it’s ok.

  3. (Emily and Karen resources) Tagboard, TEDTalk Geekwire, Google, Harvard Business Review, Puget Sound Business Journal, The Daily Show, Colbert Report, The Tonight Show (@fallontonight), YouTube, NPR News,, Stitcher (podcast app), NYT, Vimeo, Slideshare.

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