Spring 2014 at a glance

Week 1 – 26 March
Introductions; baseline influence scores; what is social media leadership and influence?
Let’s talk Turkey (and Twitter)
Tools: Buffer / Hootsuite / Klout
Techniques: security & two-step authentication


Week 2 – 2 April
Draft personal social media influencer plans (we will finalize in class); what is social media engagement?
Read before class:


Week 3 – 9 April
Group projects: creativity and leadership.
Read before class:

Week 4 – 16 April
Case study #1: United Breaks Guitars
Group projects
Tool:  Little Bird
Read before class:


Week 5 – 23 April
Characteristics of effective leaders
Guest speaker: Kevin Urie (@KevinUrie | LinkedIn | Facebook)
Read before class:


Week 6 – 30 April
Case study #2: Ford
Guest speaker: Jenni Hogan (@JenniHogan | LinkedIn | Facebook (page) | website )
Group project
Mid-quarter updates on personal project (Mid-term report due April 30 at 6:00 pm > please use Catalyst Collect It (how to from UW).

Read before class:


Week 7 – 7 May
What makes a successful online community?
Guest speaker: Marshall Kirkpatrick (@marshallk) | LinkedIn | Facebook | website)
Read before class:


Week 8 – 14 May
Group project work session
Case study #3 : pick one or pick one here

Week 9 – 21 May
Individual project reports
Group project work session

Week 10 – 28 May

Individual and group project reports


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