What you need to participate in this class

  • A Gmail address that uses your name
    • Google+ account
    • YouTube account
  • A Twitter account
  • A Facebook account
  • A LinkedIn account
  • A Pinterest account
  • An Instagram or Flickr account
  • A account/gravatar

Final deliverables due Sat Aug 30 @ noon

Your personal project

You will present your personal brand platform to the class in a 5 minute presentation during the final two weeks of class. A presentation schedule will be set up later in the quarter.

Target Audience: Selection and Analysis

  • Develop target audience profile
  • Complete competitive analysis & brand positioning


  • Set goals and objectives (SWOT or STP)
  • Establish baselines, presence metrics, production metrics
  • Select tools
  • Develop tactical plan for distribution

Content Planning and Execution

  • Determine categories of content
  • Plan and develop an editorial roadmap
  • SEO keyword research and planning
  • Create content objects (optional)

Platform Design, Set Up and Incremental Optimizations

  • Plan a hub and spoke platform development and integration (even if you don’t execute this way)
  • Demonstrates of aptitude with selected tools

Report Results

  • Achievement or movement towards strategic goals and objectives
  • Lessons learned

Draft plan April 2; revised April 30; final report due June 2 (5 points each).We will have before/after measurements using Klout/Kred/Sumall (2 points – March 26 and May 28). At the end of the quarter, you’ll prepare a report summarizing your plan, how well you met the plan and what you’d do differently, knowing what you know now. There will also be short oral reports to the class (5 points).


  • Use either the STP (situation-target-proposal) or GOST format
  • Do an assessment of where you are on your goals/proposal. This is where you make mid-course adjustments, if needed. It is also where we get to see the first written report from most (but not all) of you.
  • Not necessary to take a mid-term snap of your Klout/Kred/Summal metric — but I’ll give you a bonus point if you do. 🙂


  • Use either the STP (situation-target-proposal) or GOST format
  • Assessment of where you are on your goals/proposal; what you’ve done differently since mid-term, if appropriate.
  • Beginning/end Klout/Kred/Summal metric
  • Lessons learned – what you would do differently
  • Presentation: limited to seven slides, including title slide. See Rock Your Presentation.
  • Final report and PPT due via Catalyst; no more than four (4) pages and seven (7) slides.

Your group project

Working in teams of 3-4, you will either
(1) jointly create one piece of content that team members will promote OR
(2) jointly produce a report/analysis for an external client.

(1) Team members will use personal brand platforms in tandem to distribute the content, measure reach, engagement and conversion. You will present the results of your content marketing efforts to the class.  Types of content:

  • Podcast episode
  • Whitepaper
  • Micro website
  • Story-telling video
  • Pitch me

(2) Team members will respond to client needs by developing an artifact such as

  • Social media audit
  • Competitive analysis
  • Content plan (such as editorial calendar)
  • Targeted social media plan
  • Social media policy/guidelines

Class presentations the final week of the quarter; See Rock Your Presentation. All team members will assess work quality/performance of the other team members (anonymously to one another but not to me).

  • Final presentations should be approximately no more than 15 minutes plus 1-2 questions from the class. It is not a requirement that all members participate in the presentation.
  • Final deliverable should follow the format we reviewed in class; one-page executive summary and no more than six pages outlining the plan. Appendices do not count against your page count.



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