Week 9 – individual presentations


  • Housekeeping
  • Lecture/discussion
  • Group project work time


If you haven’t uploaded your presentation materials to the wiki or Catalyst, please do so now so we can download them to the instructor computer to minimize shuffle. 🙂

Individual project presentations

Please provide feedback for each presenter by 6 pm Thursday night (tonight preferred because it will be more fresh in your mind, but be careful of using the web form as your only set of notes)

Alpha? Draw straws? The order that is on the wiki page (below)?

  1. Megan
  2. Emily
  3. Justin K – ppt
  4. Upsana
  5. Nicole
  6. Karen
  7. Andea
  8. Torie
  9. Julie
  10. Ed
  11. Kit (time permitting)

Individual project final report

Remember: Klout scores or growth in followers or shares are a proxy for something. Numbers for numbers sake are, in general, meaningless. Be explicit about how growing those numbers helps achieve a goal.

Group project work time

Resources/Social in the news

Next week

  • Finish individual projects
  • Group projects
  • Time permitting, looking forward (Mary Meeker)

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